Eternius is the Guardian of Time. His task on the world of Aethret is to uphold the ebb and flow of time and keep it in balance. If ever there was a disturbance in the flow of time whether in the past, present, or future Eternius would deal with it.

Because of Eternius’ powers, he can potentially be in all places and all times at any given point in the time of mortals.

Physical Description

As with all guardians, Eternius has no permenant form. He usually appears as a humanoid of some sort because of the fact that time is usually threatened by the very humanoids he emulates. He has been known to take the form of a old crone (one of his favorite forms), a bronze dragon-like beings and various animals symbolic in nature to whatever culture he needs to influence.

No matter what form Eternius takes, he has an obsession with pendulums and hourglasses and they usually appear on his person in some form or another.


Eternius has complete control of over the flow of time on the plane of Aethret. Because of this power, he can appear anywhere at any time as he pleases. If threatened, he can simply alter time to destroy his opponent. For example, he could prevent his foe’s birth, or even simply stop time and destroy the threat.

Influence on the Plane

No one truly knows his role in how the events of the plane has played out since nothing ever appears to go wrong with time; however this is largely due to the fact that Eternius fixes the problems that cause any disruptions before the disruption even occurs.


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