Ta’am is the Guardian of Order. Her primary directive is the ensure balance between good, evil, law, and chaos in the plane of Aethret.

Physical Description

As with all Guardians, Ta’am has no permanent form. When she is not attempting to manipulate humanoids to create balance, she usually takes the form of a humanoid wearing white robes and physical features in perfect symmetry holding two weight scales. Her eyes are covered, but with two points of light peering through the cloth. Her form has no discernible gender.

She has also been known to take the form of a lion and silver dragon on occasion.


Ta’am generally has the abilities of whatever form she takes, and lacks any other special powers. Because of this, she is the weakest in power among the Guardians. Her strength, however, lies in the power of her manipulation of humanoids. Her words strike the hearts of whomever hear them, and she is the ultimate figure of deceit and stealth.

When confronted, Ta’am will attempt to turn away her foes with her words to avoid combat. If that fails (and it almost never does), she will turn into the most powerful creature that has been designated in her memory by her creators. Whatever the form is—no one knows since she has yet to have to use it—it would be powerful enough to overcome any mortal that faces her.

Influence on the Plane

No one knows for sure what Ta’am has influenced exactly due to her nature of getting the job done in secrecy; however it is believed that countless kings’ assassinations and wars were instigated by her prowess of deceit. It is believed that Ta’am may have had something to do with Zeliarum’s decision to eradicate all humanoid life in Aethret, though probably not to the extent Zeliarum was about to take it to.


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