Tecendaerqua (pronounced: teh-sen-dair-kwa) is the Guardian of the elements. Her role on the plane of Aethrais to keep a balance in power between the four elements of fire, wind, water, and air. If one of these elements obtains more power than one of the others, it could potentially destroy the world in fire, water, storm, or quake as it attempts to create the ideal environment for itself.

Physical Appearance

As with all Guardians, Tecendaerqua has no permanent form. Her most common form is that of an elemental consisting of fire, water, earth, and air equally and all bound by chains of light and darkness to create a roughly humanoid shape. Her voice is like the rumbling of an earthquake, the breath of the wind, the crackle of fire, and the flowing of water all at the same time.


Tecendaerqua has complete control over the elements of the plane and can force them to do her bidding at will, though she restricts the use of this power to only be used when absolutely necessary. In her most common form, she has all the powers of each individual elemental amplified far beyond what even an elder elemental is capable of conceiving. Tecendaequa can also destroy elementals at will, as well as strip or amplify the powers of existing elementals.

If engaged in combat, Tecendaequa ravages her opponents in a blistering storm of fire, ice, air and earth. The fire sears flesh off while the ice freezes and kills the flesh. The air causes deafness as it implodes eardrums and ruptures lungs. The earth pummels her foes with jagged stones of varying sizes and buries them in an earthen grave. Her powers affect creatures that are even immune to them, so a fire elemental will still be burned while an air elemental will still be effected by the sonic boom.

Influence in the Planes

Tecendaerqua is constantly at work ruling over the elementals and keeping their power in check. She has effectively prevented the end of the world on numerous occasions due to her influence over the elements. While Tecendaerqua has no direct influence over non-elementals, they still owe thanks to her for keeping the elementals from overwhelming the plane.


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