The Ashplains

The Ashplains is a large expanse of barren land along the eastern mountains that is buried in immense amounts of ash from the Charredlands to the southwest. There are a total of three nomadic tribes of the human-like Ashan who traverse these lands herding their cattle of ash striders from one oasis to another.

The estimated size of the Ashplains is about the same as the Heartlands, however few dare traverse the lands to prove this.


The Ashplains has been buried in grey-red ash for hundreds of millenia; since even before the Great Sealing. For most of that time, the people of the world steered clear of the land due to its inhospitable landscape and the lack of water—the brave few who could make the journey were those who employed magic to create water and food for themselves and could fight off the wildlife that lurked just under the ash and flying in the skies.

After the Great Sealing a small tribe of ancients holding in their possession a key fragment traveled to this barren land and started living the life of nomads. Over the thousands of years due to the lack of magic to sustain their previous lifestyles they devolved into the Ashan, a race of human-like people built to live in the Ashplains.


There is little in the way of plant-life in the Ashplains, only a few shrubs, fruit-bearing trees and grasses around the few oases that dot the landscape. Most of the animals are predators, including the ash worms, a few birds of prey and various carrion feeders; however there are some herbivorous and omnivorous such as striders, various insects and various lizards. The wildlife here is adapted to drinking the soot-tainted water of the plains and suffer no ill-effects from doing so; however non-Ashland native plants, animals, and people cannot drink the water here without becoming severely sick with vomiting and diarrhea.


The Ashplains is buried in hundreds of feet of ash and soot from the Charredlands and is dotted with oases with murky, ash-ridden water. What causes the water to spring forth from the underground springs and through the layers of ash is still unknown to this day, but it allows for what little life there is to thrive. The only vegetation that can be found are around these oases.

The Ashplains is bordered by huge mountains to the south, east, and north, and its northeastern border is created by a river that flows from the northern mountains to the ocean even further north. To the southwest is the Charredlands, the source of all the ash that has buried the plains, and home of the goblins. The border between these two zones is created by a large chasm of fire and brimstone in which there is no bridge to traverse.

The Ashplains

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