The Charredlands

The Charredlands is a volcanic hotspot consisting of over 50 active volcanoes and at least 10 inactive volcanoes—the exact number of which is unknown due to the inhospitably of the land to most creatures. The ground is black with char and brimstone, and the acrid smell of sulfur hangs heavy in the air while rivers of molten rock constantly flows in a web-like pattern throughout the area.

The Charredlands is home to the goblins, a shamanistic race of almost monstrous humanoids that are more sophisticated than they first look.


The Charredlands have existed since the first days of the world’s existance and is been one of the most inhospitable places on the planet’s face. Originally, only the wildlife existed here because it was so difficult to life here by the standards of the dominant intelligent life forms on the continent, the elves.

However, the lands were (and still are) rich in metals and gems, so there was the occasional expedition to collect these minerals. When the Great Sealing occurred, the same ancients who would come to this forsaken land to gather minerals migrated here with a key fragment for the seal that bound Zeliarum. They placed the fragment deep within a volcano protected by traps and the sheer heat of the environment. The elves lived around the volcano to watch over the relic and eventually—due to their recent lack of magic—evolved into the modern-day goblins as they became more accustomed to the harsh conditions of the land.

The goblins are constantly waging war with each other attempting to gain the favor of their gods, the very volcanoes that plague the Charredlands.


Due to the inhospitable conditions of the Charredlands, there is very little in the way of wildlife. There is virtually no plant-life above the ground, and water is nearly non-existent outside of the rain that comes about once every two to three months. Because of this, most of the animals that live above the ground are carnivorous and are accustomed to surviving on minimal water. The most common creatures found above ground are reptiles, arachnids (including scorpions) and the occasional salamander. Fire elementals, though they don’t particularly effect the ecology, also plague the Charredlands in all locations.

Underground, there is a vast cavern system that has been carved by the flowing magma. There are underground lakes of water, rivers of magma, forests of mushrooms, and mazes made from crystal to name a few features. The ecology is very diverse, however it is largely dominated by earth, fire and water elementals; as well as by the goblins and their reptilian mounts, the Zarani.


Above ground, the Charredlands is a barren wasteland of fire, soot, and brimstone with little water and a lot of lava. To the south and east are massive mountains, and the Ashplains Surrounding the e lie to the northeast. To the northwest and west lie the Heartlands. Plagued throughout the Charredlands are many, many volcanoes—both active and dormant—that supply the lakes and rivers of lava that can be found everywhere, as well as the ash and soot that cover the Ashplains to the north and northeast. Surrounding the entirety of the Charredlands is a massive gorge of flowing lava which has a single land-bridge to the northwest into the Heartlands.

Undergrounds is a maze-like cavern system which is rich in life due to the abundance of water. It is believed to stretch for many miles past the southern borders of the Charredlands itself, however the only entrances are through the dormant volcanoes on the surface. There are just about any feature you would find above ground in a world here as well, though usually with some twists. Instead of forests of trees, there are mushrooms; instead of plains with rocks there are mazes with crystals. There are not only lakes and streams of lava, but also springs and rivers of water. In fact, the abundance of fresh water here makes this one of the most hydrated place on the continent. There are also multitudes goblin cities throughout the underside of the Charredlands as well, each housing one or more goblin tribes.

The Charredlands

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